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List of Top Non-Teaching Jobs in Education

Over the last years, many graduands from the education major have shifted. The shift was at 32% to 11% in 2018. Even with the rewarding nature of teaching, you can never ignore the fact that is stressful; thus not meant for everyone who enters the industry. Fortunately, this article has a list of the top non teaching jobs in schools.

Teachers who have been practicing in the education industry for a long time are advised to consider being a school administrator. Unlike teaching which entails handling the classrooms, school administrators manage all affairs of the entire school. As a requirement, you will have to pursue an advanced degree and pass the exams. Administrators review the curriculum, manage budgets and personnel, and develop education policies. Among the existing non-teaching jobs in schools, it stands as one of the best.

If you need other non-teaching jobs in schools, consider applying as a post secondary education administrator. This career path is known for its flexibility and the many opportunities it brings; however, they mainly depend on the skills and attainments. You can apply to work in the registrar, admissions, or in the student services in individual colleges and academic departments.

You can also apply to work as an instructional coordinator. Their work involves designing the teaching standards and reviewing the curriculum of schools within a specific district. Using the enhanced results they come up with, they have to work with teachers and administrators to ensure the new curriculum and teaching techniques are effective. One primary requirement in this career path is having a master’s degree in education or any other related field.

Some teachers have interest in seeing to the development of young people in areas other than academics. If you have such interests, a career path as a director of extracurricular activities will suit you. Some of these non-teaching jobs in schools include camp directors and student activities coordinator. They have the job of using the extracurricular affair to instill a sense of responsibility, teamwork, and communication among the young people.

Textbook writers and publishers are just as talented as teachers. To be of impact to students; a textbook writer should have an education major and be passionate about writing. Besides textbook writing, you can be an editor, publisher, or take journalism and write for academic papers or major on education topics. At the same time, you can for a career in blogging; mainly educational ideas.

There are cases where people complete their degrees only to go for jobs they have no interest in. Whichever the position you are in, it is advisable to put your life together as expenses will never end.

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